Assembly Elections 2021 Round Up: A Quick Run Through To The Festival Of Democracy!

While West Bengal is all set for Phase-VI of Assembly Elections on 22nd April, let’s have a quick Assembly Elections 2021 round up to understand how the citizens have participated in the biggest festival of democracy amid 2nd wave of Covid-19.

Assembly Elections 2021 Round Up

The Election Commission of India announced the assembly elections for four states and one union territory namely – Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Puducherry on 26th February 2021 with Assam to be completed in three phases, Kerala/ TN/ Puducherry in single phase and West Bengal in eight phases respectively, let’s have a quick glance on state-wise election update. (Also Read: Has TMC Conceded Defeat?)


The North-east state of Assam is a border state that shares international boundaries with Bangladesh and historically the electoral process is marred with poll violence incidents in the past. Keeping it in mind ECI conducted the election in 3-phases – 27th March, 1st April & 6th April respectively. The main battle is between the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party and the alliance of Congress – AIUDF for 126 constituencies. Assam has a total electoral population of 2,33,74,087 and nearly 82% of them casted their votes in three phases to select their next government.

Assam State Assembly Elections 2021

Date Phase Total Seats Voting %
27/03/21 Phase – I 47 79.93%
01/04/21 Phase – II 39 80.96%
06/04/21 Phase – III 40 85.20%


Kerala, Puducherry & Tamil Nadu

God’s Own Country – Kerala along with Tamil Nadu & Puducherry were slated for a single-phase election on 6th April as per ECI notification that was ratified by the huge yet peaceful voters turn-around across constituencies.

Kerala Assembly has 140 constituencies with the main battle slated between the ruling Left Democratic Front and United Democratic Front led by Congress. The pristine state witnessed a voter turn around 74.02% as per initial assessment of ECI.

The Union Territory of Puducherry also went on poll on 6th April for all its 30 constituencies with a total voting percentage of 81.69% in a fierce battle between ruling Congress & Bhartiya Janata Party. (Also Read: Is PM Modi Orakandi Temple Visit Violation of MCC)

The South Indian state of Tamil Nadu went on its 1st poll after demise of its 2 stalwart leaders, namely – J Jayalalitha & M Karuna Nidhi, and with the entry of National Award winner Kamal Hassan, the 234-constituency state is witnessing a 3-way fight among National Democratic Alliance, Secular Progressive Alliance & newly formed MNM Alliance. The state that has estimated 62.9M eligible voters, witnessed a total voter turnout of nearly 72.81%.

Kerala, Puducherry & Tamil Nadu State Assembly Elections 2021

Date State Total Seats Voting %
27/03/21 Kerala 140 74.02%
01/04/21 Puducherry (UT) 30 81.69%
06/04/21 Tamil Nadu 234 72.81%

West Bengal

The Eastern state of West Bengal is unarguably the most talked about Assembly Election 2021 with an intense & somewhat ugly tussle for power being witnessed between the ruling Trinamool Congress led by extremely popular leader Mamata Banerjee and the World’s largest political party, Bhartiya Janata Party trying to snatch the baton on development agenda & the brand image of PM Narendra Modi. The state historically has seen the most violent elections in the past and this year too, despite ECI scheduling eight-phases, we have already witnessed large incidents of violence and both parties blaming each other for the same.

While CM Mamata Banerjee has been extremely vocal in her raising her demand to finish the remaining three-phases in a single day citing rising Covid-19 cases in the state, Election Commission has made it evident to conclude the remaining election as scheduled. The state has a total of 294 assembly constituencies. (Also Read: Know Who is Orange and Purple Cap Holder in IPL 2021)

The table below gives the status update after completion of Phase-V as the state votes for 43 seats tomorrow.

West Bengal State Assembly Elections 2021

Date Phase Total Seats Voting %
27/03/21 Phase – I 30 84.63%
01/04/21 Phase – II 30 86.11%
06/04/21 Phase – III 31 84.61%
10/04/21 Phase – IV 44 79.90%
17/04/21 Phase – V 45 82.49%

The Phase VII & VIII will be held on 26th and 29th April respectively & the counting for Assembly Election 2021 will be done on 2nd May 2021. Stay tuned for more assembly elections 2021 round up with exit polls on 29th April.

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Sambal sinha
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