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Famous Ghazal Singer Pankaj Udhas Turns 70 – Tune In To His Top Seven Songs!

The famous Indian Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas turns 70 today on 17th May 2021. The Padam Shri awardee singer hails from Gujarat in India. Manhar Udhas and Nirmal Udhas, the renowned playback singers in Bollywood, are his elder siblings.

Ghazal Singer Pankaj Udhas Turns 70
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Is Birthday Boy Arijit Singh The Bollywood’s New King of Playback Singing?

Bollywood’s famous and one of the most successful singers Arijit Singh is celebrating his 34th birthday today, i.e., 25th April 2021. Is birthday boy Arijit Singh really the new king of playback singing in Bollywood?

Happy Birthday Boy Arijit Singh
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Top-10 Offbeat & Weird Musical Instruments that actually exists!

Music is one of the greatest companions of all life forms including the human beings. Many believe Music is also the foundation of the entire universe itself. Let’s find out Top-10 offbeat & weird musical instruments from around the world that you would not even believe actually exists.

Musical Instrument

Here are the Top-10 offbeat & weird musical instruments.

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