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World Bicycle Day 2021: Amazing Facts About Most Eco-Friendly Pedal Machine!

How many of us remember the first challenging physical activity we as kids ever learn to master? We all remember, isn’t it? Riding a bicycle. A running start, the protective hand (usually of father) secured to the bicycle seat released and then the kid is off and pedaling. In fond memory of that very first trip, let’s have a closer look at World Bicycle Day, 3rd June 2021.

World Bicycle Day 2021
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World No Tobacco Day 2021 – WHO Launches Commit To Quit Campaign

World No Tobacco Day 2021
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As India Gears For Cyclone Yaas, Let’s Look At Five Worst Cyclones Of The World

Cyclone Yaas is equivalent to a category 3 cyclone & the second severe storm in the span of about 10 days to hit Indian coasts after Tauktae. While Tauktae devastated the western coastal belt, Cyclone Yaas is heading for the Eastern Coastal lines. Yaas is expected to make landfall near Balasore (Odisha) on 26th May with a wind speed of over 185 kmph. As India Gears for Cyclone Yaas, Let’s Look at Five Worst Cyclones of the World.

Cyclone Yaas Five Worst Cyclones of the World
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