Didi O Didi: Why Has PM Modi’s Addressing Mamata Banerjee As Didi Baffled TMC?

didi-o-didi-why is TMC baffled with Modi

As the campaign for the 3rd phase of election in West Bengal & Assam ends today, the ruling party Trinamool Congress in West Bengal lashed out at the PM for calling out CM Mamata as ‘Didi O Didi’ labelling the tone & intent of the salutation used by Narendra Modi in his rallies insulting to Mamata Banerjee and the women of West Bengal, equating it to a street-boy sleazy comment on passing-by ladies. Doing so, the party is trying to build a narrative that both the BJP as well as PM Modi is anti-woman and have no respect for the dignity of women including their leader Mamata Banerjee. (Also Read: How to own a fleet of Luxury Cars with a Monthly Salary of Rs.38,000?)


In a political slugfest, whereby each political party & leader try to outscore others by putting allegation and counter-allegations, many a times, the decency is breached with unwarranted & unparliamentary adjectives – be it “Nadda, Fadda, Jadda” jibe coming from the current CM of WB or “Bermuda” jibe coming from the responsible opposition leader. In a scenario whereby the PM of the country is abused almost on a daily basis by the filthiest of words that can’t be even written, Didi-O-Didi seems far more subtle & acceptable though the aggressive response to it from TMC proves that it has hit them hard. Apparently, PM Modi has succeeded in getting focus of TMC shift to his new-coined jibe though the way TMC is aggressively labelling it as an insult to the women of West Bengal, only time will tell who has won this battle of words. (Also Read: Is PM Modi Visiting Orakandi Temple In Bangladesh Violation Of Election MCC?)


Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra, same lady who showed middle-finger in a live debate on a prominent electronic channel, took offence to the jibe strongly and retorted back with “rowak-er chhele” comment for Modi comparing his jibe to taunts by street side fellow.


“The way the Prime Minister referred to our Chief Minister was similar to that of a ‘rowak-er chhele’ which means a street side fellow, who sits at street corners and calls out to every woman walking past, saying Diddi, ei Diddi”.

While criticizing PM Modi, she also said, “Would he refer to his mother, sister or even the estranged wife in a similar manner?”

While, with latest fist-fight between TMC & BJP, it will be interesting to see which way the tide turns in 3rd phase of election with voting due on 6th April in 31 Assembly Constituencies of West Bengal, isn’t it ironic to talk about woman dignity & insult while dragging women family members of the accused person for it in the same breadth? But then who cares if it serves the purpose and win election for you? (Also Read: Singing Apps: Commercial Exploitation of your passion or gateway to Stardom?)

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Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
6 months ago

You are day by day improving your articles keep it up .nice article

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