Famous Ghazal Singer Pankaj Udhas Turns 70 – Tune In To His Top Seven Songs!

The famous Indian Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas turns 70 today on 17th May 2021. The Padam Shri awardee singer hails from Gujarat in India. Manhar Udhas and Nirmal Udhas, the renowned playback singers in Bollywood, are his elder siblings.

Ghazal Singer Pankaj Udhas Turns 70

Brief Career

Pankaj Udhas started his career in 1980 with a ghazal album named Aahat and never looked back thereafter. He recorded over 50 albums that include prominent hits like Mukarrar, Tarrannum, Mehfil, Nayaab and Aafreen.

Pankaj Udhas entered into the Bollywood playback in 1986 with Chitthi Aayi Hai for movie Naam and became instant hit. The song made him a known face in the industry and he went on to record over hundreds of compilation albums. Pankaj Udhas is active in the circuit with his musical tours and ghazal concerts.

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As Pankaj Udhas turns 70, let us revisit some of his superhit ghazals and songs that are still considered mandatory in tranquil private parties.

1. Chhithi Aayi Hai

The evergreen superhit song Chitthi Aayi Hai featured in Sanjay Dutt & Gourav Kumar starrer movie Naam directed by Mahesh Bhatt in 1986. The song was filmed in the backdrop of a migrant Indian remembering his brother and roots and had a patriotic fervor to it. In legendary singer’s own words,

“I am so grateful to the Almighty that in 1986, I could sing the patriotic song ‘Chitti Aayi Hai’ which has a fantastic patriotic feeling and I feel very fortunate that in my career, I had the opportunity to sing a song that is iconic in terms of its emotions (sic)”

Feeling like listening to the song right now? Here’s the link:

2. Chandi Jaisa Rang            

Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera, Sone Jaise Baal is another superhit song sung by Pankaj Udhas. The song written by Mumtaz Rashid featured in the movie Ek Hi Maqsad released in 1988. Though the movie wasn’t a hit but the album was taken very well by the audience. Mohe Aayi Na Jag Se was another notable hit from the album whose music was given by Pankaj Udhas.

To listen the song now, click on the given link:

3. Ek Taraf Uska Ghar, Ek Taraf Maikada

Pankaj Udhas sung some incredible songs on the lover’s dilemma to chose between his love interest and the wine cellar. Ek Taraf Uska Ghar, Ek Taraf Maikada is yet another masterpiece by the legendary singer. It first featured in his album Nayaab released in 1985 which is one of his most sold albums. Nayaab was the first album recorded on multi-track.

An interesting fact is that Pankaj named her daughter Nayaab, who was born immediately after the release of the album.

So if you too seek life’s advice right at this moment, click on the link:

4. Sabko Maloom Hai

In 1981, Pankaj Udhas released his album by the name Mu-kar-rar that had a total of eight ghazals. Sabko Maloom Hai is one of the superhit ghazals from the collection. The fabulous ghazal was written by legendary sufi poet Anwar Farrukkhabadi.

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Another song that became very popular from the album is Deewaron Se Milkar Rona. It is still one of the favorite songs among the broken hearts.

Craving to hear the song, here it is:

5. Aur Aahista

In 1988, a collection of eight ghazals by Pankaj Udhas, The Stolen Moments was released. Aur Aahista was one of the biggest hits of the year and was among the top chartbusters in various categories.

The song featured notable model Sameera Reddy who went on to become a Bollywood actress later. It essayed cute love story between a local (desi) girl and the foreigner (firang) boy.

Get nostalgic with your childhood memories (off course if you aren’t a millennial kid):

6. Ghunghroo Toot Gaye

Ghungroo Toot Gaye is a song from the album The Very Best of Pankaj Udhas (Live) Vol. 4 which is sung by Pankaj Udhas. The duration of the song is 13 min, 50 sec and the album were released in 1991.

Movie War released in 2019 featured a new generation remake of the song featuring Hrithik Roshan and Vani Kapoor. It reignited the debate on the use of golden classics for remakes.

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You can hear the original song from the birthday boy right here:

7. Jeeye To Jeeye Kaise

In 1991, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan & Madhuri Dixit came together in a love triangle romantic drama, Saajan. It was the highest grossing Bollywood movie of the year. Nadeem Shravan composed the film’s music with all superhit songs.

Pankaj Udhas made a guest appearance playing his own character in the movie singing ghazal. For his song Jeeye To Jeeye Kaise, Pankaj Udhas was nominated for Filmfare Award for the Best Playback Male Singer Category.

Offbeat wishes the living Ghazal Maestro a very happy birthday as Pankaj Udhas Turns 70. We hope he continues to enthrall his fan following not only with his live tours but new albums as well.

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