Five Incredible Mothers Fit to be The Super-Moms from The Animal Kingdom!

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary — it’s an act of infinite optimism.”

Gilda Radner
happy mother's day

It’s often said that the mother is god’s greatest gift to the child. As a mark of respect and appreciation, second Sunday of May every year is celebrated as Mother’s Day.

A Mother is the synonym to compassion, care, love and commitment who always keeps her kids above self. Unsurprisingly the fiercest of the animals living in the jungles also have the considerate angel of god to ensure that the young ones are protected and nurtured with utmost care.

This Mother’s Day, let’s have a look at five incredible mothers fit to be the super-moms from the animal kingdom.

1. Elephants

Five Incredible Mothers Fit to be The Super-Moms from The Animal Kingdom!

The mother elephant is an incredible mom even before giving birth to the biggest babies on Earth. She holds the distinction of the longest gestation period of a 22-month long pregnancy period. The calves born are initially blind and weigh almost 90 kgs on an average. Elephants follow the matriarchal society and the new born is taken care by all the female members including grandmother, aunts, sisters and cousins. These ferocious baby sitters are known as the “Allomothers” who foster the new born in every facet of nurturing.

The elephants live in a herd and while moving around the jungle they always adjust the pace of the herd according to the calf’s pace. The mother and other female members frequently make loving contact with the new-born to instil confidence to the calf. The mother elephant teaches children to pick the best plants to eat, face the hunters, and cross precipitous ridges.

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2. Polar Bears

Five Incredible Mothers Fit to be The Super-Moms from The Animal Kingdom!

The species is known for the male’s one-night stand instinct. The male polar bears shrug off their partner after mating making the female polar bear essentially a single parent for the to be offspring. The mother has to double her weight to almost 185 kgs to feed the baby in the womb. In fact, if the female doesn’t put on the weight, the body actually reabsorbs the foetus.

Once the weight target is achieved, the mother polar bear digs a maternity den in a snowdrift. She goes into a hibernation like state and gives birth while in sleep. The new-borns are blind and toothless that stick by her for about two years to learn the necessary survival skills in the cold climate.

3. Giant Pacific Octopus

Five Incredible Mothers Fit to be The Super-Moms from The Animal Kingdom!

Giant Pacific Octopus lays eggs once in a lifetime and literally sacrifice their lives for the children. The mother lays eggs that can rise up to tens of thousands and needs to be sheltered diligently by her inside caves or deep dens. The brooding period lasts for at least seven months during which the mother octopus needs to provide oxygen support and take care of vulnerable eggs. This period can however extend way longer also. In a study in 2014, the longest egg-brooding period reported then was almost four and a half year for 53 long months.

The intense period of taking care of the eggs for such a long period takes a huge tall on the health of the mother octopus. The starving mother continue to take care of the fragile eggs till they hatch but loses lots of weight. Only once the eggs are hatched, the mother octopus relinquishes her duty. She dies of hunger mostly, sacrificing her life essentially for her children and making her the apt title of Super-Moms from Animal Kingdom.

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4. Orangutans

Orangutan The Super-Mom

The orangutan mother and her young ones enjoys the strongest of the bonds in the nature. Considered to be one of the hardest working mothers, orangutans are the eventual single mothers. She nurtures and take care of her offspring up to the age of eight years which is among the longest period of dependence for any animal on Earth.

 First four months after the birth, the mother orangutans carry the children on their bellies without breaking the physical contact even once. The young ones depend on their mothers not just for food but also for transportation for almost two years.

The entire responsibility of teaching basic life lessons and survival skills in the jungle is taken by mother orangutans. This creates a strong bond of relation between the mother and children especially the female ones. They keep visiting their moms until they reach the age of 15-16, often to learn the parenting skills themselves.

5. Orcas

Orcas The Super-Mom

Orcas are the large species of dolphins, commonly know as killer whales. They hold the distinction for being one of the most dedicated and important marine mothers. Their focused parenting reflects in the fact that they usually give birth to one calf every five years.

The pregnancy period for orcas lasts for 18 months. Once the baby is delivered, the mother orca sacrifices all its sleep and needs for the next one month. The new born does not sleeps at all and swim continuously to avoid predators and build fat reserves & muscles. Till the baby orcas learn to hunt, they are dependent on their mothers completely for couple of years.

Orcas lives in matriarchal societies and the offspring stays with family for the entirety of their 60+ years of lifespan. The female members childmind and feed the children, effectually enhancing their chances of survival. They also educate the homegrown parlances specific to their herd and diverse tactics to stay in control of their local food chain.

Orcas are considered to be extremely intelligent and have shown human-like behavior. Back in 2018, a Southern resident killer whale named J35 shocked the entire world by mourning for her dead calf and carrying its body for 17 days and over 1,600 km.

So these were the five Super-Moms from Animal Kingdom, hope you all had a good read. Do Let us know in the comment section.

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