Has TMC Conceded Defeat? Poll Strategist Leaked Audio Hints The Shocking Admission!

Has TMC conceded defeat - slugfest between Mamata Banerjee & Narendra Modi continues

Election is an integral and the most important part of any Democracy that is not only the right of every citizen but is also their foremost duty towards building a strong & formidable nation. The fate of leaders and parties is only decided by the voters so it is imperative to understand has TMC conceded defeat before voting itself. When it comes to India, Election is a mega-festival with a complete 360-degree Election Management involved that encompasses Perception Management, Media Management, Cadre Management, Booth Management & Marketing Management. Believe it or not, from attire to speeches, accidents to attacks, allegations to controversies – EVERYTHING IS PLANNED! (Also Read: Entertainment: Anushka Shows Her Muscle Prowess In This Cute Video)

has TMC conceded defeat? Leaked 'Clubhouse' audio revelation

You don’t believe it? Ask Prashant Kishore – He is the Poll Strategist or should we say the Chief Election Strategist of the ruling Trinamool Congress Party in West Bengal, renowned for his historic winning campaign of NDA in 2014 National Elections. As part of his role, he often addresses media – print, electronic and digital to share his insight on the on-going 8-phased elections from his client TMC ‘s perspective in West Bengal and has often claimed publicly under 100 seats for the challenger & his previous client, Bhartiya Janta Party. (Also Read: LOCKDOWN 2.0: Covid-19 2nd Wave Getting Out Of Control, Is Lockdown The Only Solution?)

He has been in news for an alleged online admission of a possible defeat for TMC in a ‘Club House’ discussion with elite journalists that was supposedly not meant for the general public. However, as an old adage says, ‘Letting the cat out of the hat’, apparently the digital doors were left open by the host and the IT cell of BJP headed by Amit Malviya entered through it gleefully bringing the excerpts from it suiting their agenda in public domain.


In the audio, Prashant Kishore can be heard commenting on the popularity of Narendra Modi Vis-à-vis Mamata Banerjee, anti-incumbency factor, anger against her and the impact of Matua & Scheduled Caste community shifting to BJP apart from various other insights.

Ever since the conversation has surfaced, the Social Media is buzzing with arguments and counter arguments has TMC conceded defeat and this digital fight will intensify with the campaign entering the 2nd half with four more round of election left. After the leaked conversation has created huge controversy, Prashant Kishore has reiterated that it was only a part response to a question by one of the panelists and dared the BJP IT cell to release the full audio. He has yet again claimed that BJP won’t cross 100-seats in the WB elections and TMC will emerge victorious although it will be interesting to see on 2nd May 2021 what will be the final verdict of the actual decision-makers – the voters of West Bengal!

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