LOCKDOWN 2.0: Covid-19 2nd Wave Getting Out Of Control, Is Lockdown The Only Solution?

Lockdown-2.0 are we heading towards it

The world is grappling with the intensified fresh wave of Covid-19 with multiple variants mutating & the medical warriors are fighting it out aggressively with the vaccination drive, the rate at which daily new cases are coming up is threatening the humanity once again & India is no different. With States like Maharashtra which is contributing highest daily new cases, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Kerala, Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh including National Capital, New Delhi force to impart stricter rules including night curfew, weekend lockdown & even complete lockdown, are we looking at National Lockdown 2.0? (Also Read: Didi O Didi: Why Has PM Modi’s Addressing Mamata Banerjee As Didi Baffled TMC?)

Just look at the below statistics and it will be evident that we need some drastic measures to curb the spread and it must be done on a war-footing basis immediately.

16.09.202097894105 days
04.04.202110355855 days

After peaking in September last year when the daily new cases reached the record level, Covid-19 cases gradually started dropping ever since & reached early June 2020 levels by the first week of February 2021 and with vaccination drive kicking off, it seemed we are finally getting rid of the pandemic. With restrictions gone, people got complacent and the entire discipline of wearing mask, maintaining social-distancing & sanitization went for a ride. With people presuming normalcy, partying & public gathering became routine & the result – It took just 55 days this time to breach 1,00,000 daily new cases this time that took 105 days in the 1st wave. (Also Read: How to own a fleet of Luxury Cars with a Monthly Salary of Rs.38,000?)


Globally too, we are seeing the similar trait with several European Countries like – France, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain & many others forced to have emergency measures like curfew & lockdown implemented partially or fully as the upward swing in active cases rising alarmingly for their citizens too, many countries are seeing public unrest against the restrictions which is understandable to a certain extent as we all are certainly bored off  the extended restrictions & want this to simply end, the fact remains that Covid-19 is a global pandemic & historically, no pandemic in human race since its evolution and recorded history has vanished just like that. (Also Read: To Send or Not? Catch-22 Situation for Worried Parents Amidst COVID Resurgence!)


So, effectively, we need to continue showing restraint & maintain self-discipline – wear your mask, avoid unnecessary gatherings/ travel/ parties, maintain social distancing, sanitize yourself regularly, and get yourself vaccinated as per your government directives. This is the only way we can ensure the pandemic is controlled without affecting our daily essential works whether we are employed or into business to meet our ends failing which the government and authorities would take the extreme restrictive measure and we will have to prepare ourselves for Lockdown 2.0 (Also Read: Singing Apps: Commercial Exploitation of your passion or gateway to Stardom?)

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Richa Srivastava
Richa Srivastava
6 months ago

Awesome 👍

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