Is PM Modi Visiting Orakandi Temple In Bangladesh Violation Of Election MCC?


Campaigning for 2nd phase of election in West Bengal which goes for poll on 1st April has come to a halt today with entire focus on the most coveted battle at Nandigram, where the sitting CM & arguably the fiercest political leader the entire opposition political lobby has today to the National Ruling Party, the daughter of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee and her political student & confidante turned antagonist, Suvendu Adhikari battling it out to edge past each other. With PM Modi Orakandi Temple visit, massive controversy has erupted and people are asking Is Modi visiting Orakandi Temple in Bangladesh violation of Election MCC? (Also Read: How to own a fleet of Luxury Cars with a Monthly Salary of Rs.38,000? )

The Great Indian Political Circus is never short on drama, allegations, cross-allegations, usage of foul & filthy vocabularies from either sides & when it comes to West Bengal, add series of political assaults including murders & rapes too. However, I am not a subject matter expert so would not get into the nuances of it further, rather, I would today discuss another controversy that has erupted before the 2nd phase with Mamata Banerjee & her party TMC alleging violation of Model Code of Conduct by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi during his recent Bangladesh visit by visiting the Orakandi Temple & addressing the Matua community from there. On PM Modi Orakandi Temple visit, Mamata Banerjee has gone to the extent of demanding revocation of Modi’s visa for the alleged violation. (Also Read: Singing Apps: Commercial Exploitation of your passion or gateway to Stardom? )

By now, I am sure all readers would have researched and understood the importance of Matua community who are one of the deciding factors at multiple constituencies to the political ambitions of all parties in the on-going assembly election in West Bengal & as such TMC’s restlessness can be easily understood with PM Narendra Modi reaching out emotionally to the community who have significant presence in Bangladesh too. With BJP playing on front foot vis-à-vis contentious issue in NRC & CAA, it suits their strategy of gaining the oppressed Matua community’s confidence in West Bengal, who for reasons best known to the ruling government in previous regimes, have remained refugees since their migration from across the international border & PM Modi has directly reached out to them from Bangladesh by visiting Orakandi during his Bangladesh Visit. (Also Read: India v/s England: Men In Blue Triumphs The Cliff-Hanger Finish To Win ODI Series! )

However, the moot question remains – Is PM Modi Visiting Orakandi Temple In Bangladesh Violation Of Election MCC?

 I will try to list out few reasons as per the available information in public domain including the draft of MCC on Election Commission’s official website. When PM Modi addressed the Matua community in Bangladesh while one of Indian state having the significant population of the community and state is due for election, the Model Code of Conduct can only apply to the geographical limits of India. So, EC cannot decide on what PM says & does outside the geographical limits of India, Bangladesh is out of the purview, accordingly.

Model Code of Conduct also says no vote appeal, emotional shout-out can be made from religious place of worship – Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara or Church can be made, though we have seen many such violations going scot-free in past from all political party leaders, here too PM Modi has ensured his content passes the litmus test. (Also Read: Another Century for India: Why is it no one bragging about it? )

Mamata Banerjee being a seasoned politician knows all this yet her allegation & demand has only political angle to it as she only wants to reach out to her voters playing yet another emotional card – inclusion of an unfortunate freak injury to her campaign speech main agenda ever since, questioning EC, EVMs & central forces, etc are mere election ploy & in this game of chess each politician & political party are ensuring no move remains untried.

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Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
9 months ago

Its a very nice

9 months ago

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