The Ostrich Syndrome: Know Why Is It Dangerous To Ignore The Threat?

The Ostrich Syndrome - Ignore the threat approach

Ostrich is a large flightless bird native of African continent that holds the distinction of laying the largest eggs for any living land animal. It is one of the fastest runners on land among all species and with the fastest speed of approximately 70 km/hr, Ostrich is also acclaimed to be the fastest running bird on land. Not just that among numerous fascinating facts about the Ostrich, it also has 3-stomachs. However, we will like to talk about one of the most popular anecdotes associated with them, The Ostrich Syndrome, or, The Ostrich Effect – It is often believed that when the bird is under attack by its enemy, it runs towards the ground and buries its head beneath the sand as it believes doing so the inevitable can be averted. Does it happen actually though is a question? (Also Read: Has TMC Conceded Defeat? Poll Strategist Leaked Audio Hints The Shocking Admission! )

The readers must be wondering – “What is the article all about? Is it a blog on wild-life or what?” Well, being an Indian, born and brought up in Sop-Opera era led by Ekta Kapoor whereby twists and turns are routine business, Offbeat too loves twists and surprises & here is the spin as far as this story goes.

Correlation with human ignorance to Covid-19 pandemic

2nd wave of deadly Covid-19 has now become ominous with daily count of new cases galloping exponentially and seems spiraling out of control, it is this Ostrich Syndrome among the common people which is the most worrisome trait exhibited all across. Be it on-going Maha-Kumbh in Haridwar, people marching in thousands demanding beheading of a person for hurting religious sentiments, middlemen & farming businessmen sitting on protests along with farmers at National Capital Border to get the farm-laws revoked or people like you or me, who’ve been partying & holidaying around as if Corona is – Go, Went, Gone! (Also Read: Entertainment: Anushka Shows Her Muscle Prowess In This Cute Video )

Maha Kumbh 2021 hotspot for Covid-19 2nd wave - the ostrich syndrome

Not just Corona, we have almost forgotten in our memories, the very existence of some very common hygiene practices in hand-sanitization, wearing-masks, maintaining social distance, avoiding public places & gatherings, etc. as if


Has it actually happened though is a question? Why are we, the human beings, burying our heads in sand expecting that by doing so, our archenemy, Corona will go?

Humans aping the ostrich syndrome

The answer is simple – we are imitating it blindly from our surrounding without realizing that it’s going to hit us if we are ignorant.

“If they are doing it unharmed, why should we bother or worry?”

“If they are not following protocol, why should we?”

“Corona is a political gimmick; government is doing it deliberately to downplay all relevant issues.”

Is Offbeat blaming only common people and giving clean-chit to government, politicians and leaders, authorities & eminent personalities often described as role-models? No, not at all!

The 1st & foremost culprit to the massive ignorance to the current situation is the lack of ‘Walk-the-talk’ approach from our leader who’ve been given the reign of the country to lead it from the front. Addressing multiple rallies comprising of millions of spectators with zero protocol adherence during on-going elections in 4 states & 1 UT, PM Narendra Modi has not set the right precedence and unfortunately the leaders of opposition, except criticizing it on Virtual Social Media, too have just followed the suite. Authorities like Election Commission have failed to rise above the occasion & put a blanket ban on physical rallies, media too shied away from its responsibility of putting pressure on establishment to lead from the front. (Also Read: Didi O Didi: Why Has PM Modi’s Addressing Mamata Banerjee As Didi Baffled TMC? )

Political rally breaching Covid-19 protocol

It’s a collective failure of falling into the trap of ‘The Ostrich Syndrome’ that has put us into the current situation and the only ray of hope is our Frontline Corona Health warriors who are striving day in & out with intensive testing and vaccination drive, the least we could do is support them by exhibiting self-discipline & hope our leaders stop just preaching and fighting because they’ll exist to continue political slugfest & flaunt wins only and only if we exist.

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Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
9 months ago

Very nice article showing the mirror to all political parties as well as to public .The example of ostrich is so nice

Brijesh Singh
Brijesh Singh
9 months ago

Nice blog… Interesting read

9 months ago

Glad to read the current situation

Richa Srivastava
Richa Srivastava
9 months ago

Truly describes the current situation!!

Deeksha Madra
9 months ago

Nice and Interesting.

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