Top-10 Offbeat & Weird Musical Instruments that actually exists!

Music is one of the greatest companions of all life forms including the human beings. Many believe Music is also the foundation of the entire universe itself. Let’s find out Top-10 offbeat & weird musical instruments from around the world that you would not even believe actually exists.

Musical Instrument

Here are the Top-10 offbeat & weird musical instruments.

10. Ðàn Tre

Ðàn Tre, a bamboo musical instrument, is an extremely unusual instrument. It is because of the fact that it’s not just a unique fusion of Asian and European music traditions, but also extremely rare with just two in the world. A Vietnamese refugee named Minh Tam Nguyen created it during his refuge days. Ðàn Tre is made of a hollow bamboo tube with an olive oil tin at the base of it that works as the resonator. Minh Tam Nguyen made 23 strings to generate musical pattern. He used the inside of a telephone cable of United State Army at the camp.

Ðàn Tre can play both Asian as well as European Music. It combines music tradition of Vietnamese bamboo zithers and the Western Instruments like the Guitar. Minh Tam Nguyen came to Australia in 1982 along with his son. After a very long wait, he finally got reunited with the rest of his family members in 1990. After the reunion, he decided to donate the musical instrument to the National Museum Australia. He created Ðàn Tre to keep him busy and motivated during his refuge days without the family around.

Ðàn Tre

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9. Tenor Cornett

A musical instrument that dates back to Renaissance & Baroque period. The Serpentine shaped Tenor Cornett is a wind instrument made of a wooden pipe with finger holes all along the body and is considered extremely difficult instrument to play. Tenor Cornett comes in two variants – small bore and large bore. The Lizard was exclusively used as consort instrument to reinforce the human voice in choirs during 1500-1650s.

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8. Chime Bells

The next in Top-10 offbeat Musical instruments is – The Chime Bells. These are Chinese wind instruments used during Qin and Han Dynasty. It consisted of several bells hung on a frame arranged in order by size. The different areas of the instrument made different sounds when struck. Each bell makes two distinct tones each three scales apart. The Chime bells are usually played by five musicians. Two musicians stand in front and hit the low-pitched Yong bells with long wooden sticks. The other three stands at back used T-shape wooden hammer to hit alto & high-pitched Yong bells and Niu bells.

7. Haegeum

Haegeum is a traditional Korean string musical instrument. It is made of gold, rock, thread, bamboo, gourd, clay, leather & wood. Haegeum resembles a vertical fiddle with two strings. It is played by the musician using a bow and keeping Haegeum vertically on knees. Haegeum has a rod-like neck with a hollow wooden sound box at the bottom. The clay is used to coat the inner surface that helps in better resonance and durability.

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6. Theremin

Can you imagine a musical instrument that requires no touch to play? Theremin is an offbeat device that is played using two antennas and the musician’s hand gestures produces the sound. It was invented by a Russian physicist Lev Termen in 1920 and was originally intended to be used a classical instrument. Theremin became hugely popular orchestral instrument in 1994 when the Hollywood movie ‘Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey’ was released.

5. Hydrolauphone

Nature itself plays music and it is up to us if we have the ears to listen. Hydrolauphone the next instrument in top-10 is not just a musical instrument, it is an entire category just like strings or percussion. The sound is produced hydraulically whereby the musician controls and plays the sound using different water jet for producing different pitches. It is like a hybrid underwater flute fusion with pipe organ. It was described and named by Steve Mann in 2005 and later got the patent in 2011. The Hydrolauphone is also used as a sensory exploration device for low-vision individuals.

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4. Zadar Sea Organ

This is yet another masterpiece designed by human seeking guidance from the nature and is an indeed offbeat musical instrument that uses sea-waves that lashes on to the shores of Zadar in Croatia. The marble foot steps made by the architect Nikola Bašić carries series of tubes underneath and when the waves crashes over them produces random but harmonic sound and the visitors simply get awed by the fusion of man-made creation with Mother Nature.

3. Singing Ringing Tree

Singing Ringing Tree is yet another top-10 offbeat and unusual construction marvel that uses wind energy to create eerie but harmonic sounds produce as wind enters through varying length hollow metallic pipes. It is designed to resemble a tree located in the scenic landscape of Pennine Hill Range in Lancashire County, England. Singing Ringing Tree was designed and constructed by  Anna LiuMike Tonkin in the year 2006 and was opened for visitors in the same year.

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2. Zeusaphone a.k.a. The Thoramin

We all shiver when a thunder-lightning strikes during a storm. What if you are told Thoramin uses the same lightning to produce music? Wont’ you just be baffled & astonished? Zeusaphone a.k.a. The Thoramin is essentially a plasma speaker. It works by modulating the spark output of a Tesla coil creating a shocking effect. This is simply an outrageous instrument and easily wins in the most terrifying listening experience category.

1. The Nellaiappar Temple Acoustic Pillars

Ancient Indian science and technology has always been considered much ahead of its time and numerous engineering and construction marvels with immaculate precision is evident in many South Indian temples including the Nellaiappar Temple situated in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. The temple boasts the incredible musical pillars, each of them making a different sound when tapped. The Temple is known for its exotic and elegant rock carvings also.

The 48 small cylindrical pillars of different girth circum-fencing the main pillar produce different sounds when tapped. It has been designed in such that when any one of the pillars is tapped, the neighboring pillars resonate to produce sympathetic sound. This architectural marvel completes the Top-10 Offbeat & Unusual Musical Instruments.

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