Top-5 Indoor Games: Try these Interesting Games During Lockdown At Home!

Kids and adults are having hard times staying indoors due to unwarranted and extended lockdown amid on-going pandemic Covid-19. So, let’s explore top-5 indoor games that can be tried out together to have fun and stay occupied.

Top-5 Indoor Games

1. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a very popular game that involves two or more people and if you’ve never played this before – the game typically involves going around in a circle with each player getting a chance one by one to chose a challenge between speaking a secret or taking dare from the rest. Once the challenge is accepted and the person refuses to perform the challenge, he/she gets punished by the rest. It’s a pure fun and to add spice to it, people use empty bottle to decide on the person to take the challenge instead of sequential turn. (Also Read: Top-10 Offbeat & Weird Musical Instrument That Actually Exists)

This game is great to know each other a little better and discovering some forgotten sweet memories that the parents can share with kids as life lessons. Kids too can enhance their bonding with parents and siblings by sharing their little secrets and stories. All in all, a definite ‘try-it-out’ game at home.

Caution: Please Play Responsibly*
Top-5 Indoor Games

2. Scrabble

Do you think you know more than your kids when it comes to vocabulary? Then dare to play this excellent word-building game of Scrabble with them and find out who’s the real champ. This is perhaps one of the most popular indoor game world-over since a very long time with the name trademark with Mattel except US & Canada where it is owned by Hasbro. Scrabble can be played among 2-4 players with each player putting a letter onto a board divided into a 15*15 grid of squares. Each Letter carries certain points and the participant scores and tabulate it according to the word formed by him or her using the letters on board. (Also Read: The Ostrich Syndrome Know Why Is It Dangerous?)

Scrabble is considered as one of the best games to build and enhance one’s vocabulary by experts and is a ‘must play’ indoor game to engage parents & kids amid Covid-19 crisis.

Top-5 Indoor Games
source: YouTube

3. Chess

The next game in Top-5 Indoor Games, Chess is a recreational and competitive board game played between two players. It is one of the most popular games with millions of people playing it across the world at homes, clubs and tournaments. In fact, Chess is considered as the best strategy game to sharpen brain skills and focus.

It is played on a square chessboard with 8*8 grid of alternate black & white grid of squares. The game involves a King, Queen, two Knights, two rooks, two bishops and eight pawns in each player’s armor. Its like a battle between two kingdoms with the object of capturing the opposition king, checkmate in this case, whereby the king is left with no option to escape but surrender. (Also Read: Is Arijit Singh Really The Bollywood King Of Playback Singing?)

Chess comes under indoor sports category with International Chess Federation (FIDE) as its governing body. Competitive tournaments are organized where individual players compete to win the title of Grandmaster to the World Chess Champion – Gary Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Viswanathan Anand, Magnus Carlsen to name a few…


4. Musical Chair

Musical Chair is a purely fun activity that can be played between any number of players & is one of the most hilarious game not only for players but also for the audience. It requires only few chairs and music. Chairs (at least one less than the number of participants) are arranged in a row with consecutive ones in opposite direction. One coordinator is required to play the music blindfolded and another coordinator (optional) watches the proceedings.

The participants move around the chairs when the music is played by the coordinator and once music stops, they need to acquire the nearest chair. Participant/s who don’t get chairs are eliminated. The step is repeated till we have last participant sitting on the lone chair left and that person is declared the winner. (Also Read: Assembly Election 2021 Round Up)

If you have a larger lounge lobby, this game is definitely worth playing to pump up the gloomy mood in lockdown.

Top-5 Indoor Games

5. Carrom Board

Carrom board is a table top game of Indian origin and tops the list of games commonly played by families, including children, and at social functions. The game is played between 2-4 players with nine pieces of black & white (unstained) wooden/ plastic disk (carrom men) each, a queen & a striker.

The board comprises of 4-pockets at four different corners, the carrom men and queen are arranged in a defined manner at the beginning of the game. Individual/ pair start the game using striker to push the disks, with the objective to pocket all carrom men (usually the white one) along with the queen; The other individual/ pair has the similar objective with black ones; the one who does it first wins. (Also Read: Anushka Shows Her Muscle Prowess)

Carrom board too has become widespread game with International Carrom Federation governing the rules and regulations for the professional players and tournaments.

Carrom Board
source: twitter

So, this completes the list of top-5 indoor games that you can explore during the ongoing pandemic crisis to keep yourself safe at home without the temptation of venturing out unnecessarily. Also, if you get an exclusive board game named ‘Jumanji’, emerging out of nowhere, PLEASE DO NOT TRY…

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Richa Srivastava
Richa Srivastava
5 months ago

These activities shall surely be carried out instead of longing to go out when we are at home!

5 months ago

Excellent article…. We really must follow these tips nowadays 👍

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